Meet the Chow team!


The Pickiness Tester
No longer with us today, these sisters inspired my passion to developing the products we create today. After years of skin issues and forever changing medication, we started cooking - 2 months later the sister came back strong with a full coat of hair and lived until 17/18 years old.

They always say dogs teach you new things, I didn't realise these dogs would kick off my entrepreneurial life!


The Speed Eater
Together with Brownie, Spot helped to develop us into what you have today - and she more than anyone assisted us when developing a formula for older puppers

The Kids - Ollie and Dee

Trouble Makers
When you think to yourself no….2 dogs, 7 cats, we don't need more. But then you see these cuties. Ollie was a rescue pupper fostered in Bangkok and now lives a happy beach Phuket life. His sister Baby Dee started life more shockingly. At only 4 weeks old her mother was shot and Baby Dee needed more attention, as did her other 8 siblings.

Today, the kids play a big role in approving all new treats and snackies before we share them with yours!

The Humans

Basically, a couple 2 leggeds here to serve (Ha!).

Using quality human grade ingredients and processes we work day and night to create fresh goods. Because our passion is your pet. The real heroes are all our staff and the people who make up the CHOW Family.