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CHOW Foods are FRESH Foods.

All CHOW deliveries are sent out on Saturdays directly to your home.

Delivery times are as seen below:

Cherng Talay/Bang Tao: 09:00 – 11:00
Kamala: 11:00 – 12:00
Thalang: 12:00 – 14:00
Phuket Town: 11:00 – 13:00
Chalong/Rawai: 14:00 – 15:00

A delivery charge of 50 thb applies to all purchases under 300 thb.

Recollection of Jars

At CHOW we REUSE, please prepare your jars for recollection upon delivery of a fresh batch the subsequent week.


Allergies / Health Requirements

If your dog has allergies or requires a certain diet to address any health issues, let us know.

We will customise our recipes or tailor make a new one especially for your dog.
These recipes will be veterinarian advised and approved before served to your dog.

Grain Free Diet

CHOW diets contain rice as a grain, should you wish to have a grain free diet, let us know!
Our team will happily customise our recipes to fit your pups grain-free needs

Age Appropriate Dieting

All our meals are customised to meet the needs of your pups.

CHOW Pups provides a protein boost in every meal ensuring your pup gets all he needs to grow big and strong.

CHOW Dogs offers a balance between protein and fibre needed to keep your pup healthy.

CHOW Seniors is what every elder needs, a soft meal full of fibre for their digestive system to keep running strong and the perfect amount of protein to make any dog feel young again.


Want to throw your canine friend a great day because its their special day??

CHOW Celebrations offers a wide range of treats, meals, and other puppy related edibles so that you can spoil your pup in a healthy way.

ORDER A PARTY PACKAGE NOW or check out our products for CHOW Celebration options