Nutritional Benefits

Every jar of CHOW offers its own unique benefit. While on our CHOW diet, your canine friend will receive alternating recipes every week to ensure that each and every bit of CHOW goodness reaches your pup.

So what do we use in our food, and why? Take a scroll down ingredient page and find out!


High in omega-3 and healthy minerals, tuna provides a sustainable and nutritious base for our dog diet. We use mercury-monitored, clean, and FDA-regulated tuna that is appealing for canines for our main source of protein.


We use boiled lean pork mince to tap into the carnivorous hereditary of our furry friends. Pork provides a beneficial amount of protein, essential fats, vitamins, and iron to promote your dog’s muscle and bone health.

Green Tripe

Packed with proteins, probiotics, and digestive enzymes, raw tripe is a doggy super food. Notorious for its odor, tripe provides canines with all natural vitamins and minerals required for their health.

Sweet Potato

Fiber is essential in promoting dog’s digestive activity. Sweet potatoes also provide a good source of beta-carotene crucial for their vision and muscle strength. Plus they love the sweet flavour!


Jack-o-lanterns have surprising benefits for canine health including vitamin-C which boosts their immune system and aids in joint problems.


In moderation, fruits can be beneficial for your dogs. SignaCHOW incorporates a controlled amount of bananas for it is low in sodium, cholesterol, and fat yet filled with potassium, fiber, and vitamin B. Your dogs will go bananas for them!


This juicy fruit provides a refreshing pang for your dogs. Cantaloupes are filled with beta-carotene and vitamin A essential in combating the risk of cancer and cell damage – plus it helps reduce the smell of tripe in our AlphaCHOW!


Go coco-NUTS for coconuts. Beneficial in flesh or as oil, coconut boosts the dog’s immune system and possesses anti-inflammatory properties which helps reduces skin problems such as hot spots or yeast infection


Notorious for its properties, broccoli provides substantial health benefits in a dog’s diet. Excellent in fighting infections, skin problems, and eliminating toxins, broccoli is definitely a super food for the pups.

Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts are great for dogs too! In moderation, this vitamin packed sprout helps support the dog’s immune system and prevent allergies. We sprinkle them in our AlphaCHOW for a balanced diet.


CHOW uses both brown and white rice as the source of carbohydrates for our dog foods. This provides energy for your canines and is easy on the stomach


Duck is a lean, healthy alternative meat for your canines. Our MallaCHOW incorporates it for its easy to digest proteins and amino acids to promote muscle health. Your dogs will definitely go whack for quack!