OEM Services

Looking for a manufacturer to help you produce your homemade style dog food needs?

Look no further!

CHOW has been producing pet food and treats for almost 5 years.

We focus on offering natural products – using no synthetic ingredients.

Our process is proven with and island full of satisfied customers enjoying weekly CHOW meals and treats in Phuket alone!

Currently, OEM services are available for purchase and sale within Thailand Only.

Tuna Skin Jerky

When training can be fun, yummy, and beneficial! These crunchy treats are perfect for training as well as offering that extra crunch for some teeth scrubbing on the way!
min 78% protein
min 12% fat
max 0.1% ash
max 10% moisture

Tuna Jerky

Suitable for both cats and dogs.
min 70% protein
min 5% fat
max 0.1% ash
max 15% moisture

Tuna Stick

A perfect chewing treat to end the day or grasp a couple moments of peaceful silence.
min 55% protein
min 4% fat
max 0.1% ash
max 34% moisture

Swordfish Jerky

Soft and sweet good for both feline and canine friends!
min 58% protein
min 25% fat
max 0.1% ash
max 11% moisture